The American Mine Association--Privacy Policy

After you join The American Mine Association we will probably sell your address to telemarketers, thugs, shysters and fly-by-night organizations who offer products and services that our members may be interested in. We will also use your address to contact you with new and exciting products from The American Mine Association. We plan on coming out with a line of items all with The American Mine Association emblem on them. Useful items like hats, shoehorns, toy mines for the little ones, and not just coffee mugs, but an entire china set with The American Mine Association logo on each plate! (Imagine how you will impress your friends who come to dinner!)

However, we understand that some members may not want to be on our list and get stuff from the other organizations that we will give your address to. (Even though you will probably only get 14 or 15 mailings a day.) If you want your name to be removed from the mailing list just send us an e-mail. Type the Gettysburg Address in the subject area. Then translate the first 400 pages of Moby Dick into Russian and type it in the letter body. (Only original translations will be accepted.)