A personal message from Four Star General Curtus Ebenezzer McPeacock:

Thank you for your interest in preserving the right for military personnel to have the tools they need for strategic combat and defense. Only with steadfast vigilance and state of the art military preparedness can we ward off threats to liberty and our way of life.

Certain misguided civilians in recent years have tried to thwart deployment of military apparatus. As a military professional with experience in several combat operatives I have seen the need and utility for utilitarian tools like mines. In today's constant technological change our military, and our allies must keep abreast with all technologies, including mines, in order to remain competitive in the military environment.

To insure our continued military effectiveness I hope you will contribute money and join the American Mine Association. I have known President Friedkin for several years. You can be assured that he runs a ship-shape military-like operation. Working together we can fight to keep THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS TO BLOW OFF LEGS! I trust that you understand, unlike softer civilians, that what we must do to the enemy is not always pretty and will appreciate that slogan. Keeping the enemy in check is not something that can be left to squeamish civilians who unrealistically decry mine deployment. As your military superior I order you to join and give money to The American Mine Association.


Gen. Curtus Ebenezzer McPeacock
General ( Four Star) US Army
Honorary Vice Chairman






This page's ravishing background color is camouflage green--like mines--an important military device for beguiling the enemy!